Nice, France

Nice, France

Nice, France is the first place I choose to share with you. Because this is the place I live, the place I love to live.

You will ask me: why oh why, after London, New York and Los Angeles, would you choose to live in Nice? and I’ll reply: Hell why not?!

Nice provides me all the things I need to live easily and comfortably. Here the sun shines 239 days a year; the sea gives us a new show of light and colors every day; the architecture is varied and gorgeous with hundreds of old and modern buildings everywhere; the choice of tasty restaurants is endless from Korean barbeque to Indian with of course hundreds of yummy Italian and French cuisine; culture and art are thriving; the airport is close by with the ability to travel anywhere in the world very easily; it’s 30 minutes away from Italy and its many jewels, first of which its people who are so welcoming and generous; it’s a boat ride away from Corsica, Sardignia and Sicilia, and a ride away to Monaco, and the hundreds of little towns that make this region so breathtakingly beautiful like St Tropez, Valbonne, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Villefranche-sur-mer…. just to name a few of my favourites!

OK people will tell you that it’s full of old people and to be honest it’s a bit true, especially in the winter but the longer I stay here and the more I’m meeting interesting and fun people who come from other cities of France and countries to live here and who help make this city younger and more active. Just this past year we can see the opening of new fun bars and restaurants, which I won’t miss to talk to you about in my next posts. So watch this space!!!

For now here are a few pics I took around the region… enjoy!