The aim of my work is to make people look and feel beautiful.
Whenever I meet someone I can’t help but look at their hair makeup and clothes and I imagine how I could make them look more pretty. Not to diss what they’ve done but as a small challenge with myself – just because sometimes I’m given just a few minutes to tell someone what would look good on them… so practice makes perfect! ;-)

At work when I’m asked to create a look on someone, I usually like to first take the time to talk with the person and see what comes out from the inside for me to show it best on the outside. Many people hide behind masses of bad hair and long jumpers just because they miss the confidence to show how beautiful they are inside.
It’s my job to help them see it and show it.

On any average day people don’t give you many compliments so we all tend to just look at the things that don’t look so good and loose ourselves in self-criticism. We forget to focus on the details that make us unique and sexy like an elegant neckline, a defined jawline or a beautiful smile.
Hair and makeup fit together perfectly. For every hairstyle you need the makeup to go with it and vice versa. If your hair looks good and your makeup bad people will only notice how rough your face looks. It’s sad but it’s so true!

Celebrities work on their looks. Granted they also spend a lot of money on it and have gifted photographers and Photoshop at their disposal, and talented hair and makeup artists at their side. For you to achieve it at home you need to work at it too, on your budget of course but at least set a budget for it! For example instead of buying a new shampoo every two weeks just get one good one that works well with your specific type of hair and stick to it.
No one wakes up with the face and hair of Penelope Cruz every morning. You have to give your hair and makeup the good care and the right products to look good. I like to think of myself as a tool to help people reach that goal and make them feel like a star! Please feel free to ask my advice!

These 3 ladies asked me for a haircut and highlights on their hair. I suggested we give them a style they can show off and feel pretty with. After the hair I showed them a makeup look that would fit perfectly with their new do.

Thank you Esther, Kathleen and Alexia for trusting my vision!

Esther before-after

Kathleen before-after

alexia before-after