Hello and welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Hello! My name is Valerie b. After many many years abroad I settled in Nice, France where I work as a freelance stylist and hair & makeup artist. I’m truly passionate about my work. I live, breathe and sleep for it and every day that I wake up I thank the universe for giving me the chance to live from that passion.

My friends call me B or Bee or Beebee or Vee. I keep very active I’m a busy bee. And yes I have things to say because 1/ I’m very curious 2/ I have a big mouth. I love art, fashion history travel colors animals nature and more. I love and I have so much love to give. So here’s why I decided to start a blog. I pledge to share many many things here with you and show you some of that love!

Welcome! Because through this blog I am going on a journey and I sure hope you will come along with me. I’m not going to write endless pages about makeup methods and applications, I’m not going to tell you how you should dress or how to wear your hair, because there are millions of blogs and videos on the internet to tell you just that and they all do a brilliant job at it. Respect to them I watch them too! I’d like to show you my world, my work and my inspirations.

I strongly believe in Freedom – yes, with a capital F. Your look should reflect that Freedom in your personality and bring out the Fabulous (with a big fat F) that’s hidden inside of you. Showing you how wonderful and trendy my closet is – it is not! – or invite you to spend hundreds of dollars in shops and on the internet can only help you feel worse about your own, so I prefer to show you the little things that will improve your looks and your moral.

As Coco Chanel said: “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion”.

You will see here what inspires me what tickles my fancy what brings a smile to my face and of course what sometimes doesn’t. I will tell you about the Products I use and love, the Places I visit, the People I admire and more… I can’t tell you everything now or I’d spoil the surprise!!! In brief I want to show you what makes me feel FREE ALIVE HOPEFUL and WONDERFUL, and with a bit of luck it should do the same to you. That’s my aim anyway and not a small job in any way! So please enjoy! And feel free to comment argue and love!