Colors of New York

Colors of New York

Today I’d like to show you my New York, or at least one part because one post will not suffice to show you how magical this city truly is.

I lived there for a short while and since go back as often as I can because I find great inspiration there, for my work and for my style. My favorite fashion is there. It walks the street around you. Plus one of my soul-sisters lives there, a true New Yorker who swears like one and spending time with her is just pure love and fun – Garmon I love you!!

It’s easy to imagine yourself on a giant movie set when you walk the streets. We’ve all seen its buildings and highrises in so many films, almost as if you already know the city when you first get there. And it’s overwhelming how fast the city moves and transforms itself through its seasons, through its neighborhoods, through time. A whirlwind of structures, forms, extremes and tastes.
But one thing that moves even faster is Art, the street-art, ie the colors. Because art is EVERYWHERE and changes daily!

I chose to start with its colors because New York lives and breathes color, even on the rainiest and coldest days. It’s ALIVE and bursting with creativity. I’m a huge fan of Pop Art so New York is like a giant candy store for me, thanks to its history and to the many nationalities that live in and around the city. It’s so much fun just wandering the streets, looking up, down, left, right. Just keep looking and you’ll find a new treasure at every corner. I love New York! Give me a few million dollars, a green card and I’ll go live there in a throw!

In the meantime here’s a small collection of the sweet visions I got there. Enjoy!